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  1. I spread the C1 and C2 servers, C1 completely the original, there is Pak of the Chinese HTML, geodata. C2 Ext C1, in Pak is the system folder, programs and of course geodata. C1 http://www.4shared.com/rar/az660pSVce/LineageII_C1.html C2 http://www.4shared.com/rar/T2HYHj6kce/ProjectC2-Beta4.html
  2. areadata clean according to off the server auctiondata the beginning and the end of auctions according to off the server buildercmdalias full off categorydata clean according to off the server cubicdata fix cubic_begin id = 7 level = 1 eventdata fix add event according to off the server fstring fix not correct writing, punctuation, etc. Itemdata npc weapon, some prices according to off the server, clean for rbg club add, and more. multisell helm_of_nightmare_high duplicate, weapon enchant sa, clean for rbg club add. npcdata acquire_exp_rate x1 acquire_sp x1 corpse_make_list x1 a
  3. At present there is no opportunity to report about changes, but you can compare these scripts to scripts rpgclub and you will see changes.
  4. I have at the moment a rest in the last days of summer =) There will be this Pak's updatings soon. In plans rare c1-t0 servers
  5. Pic error How to correct this error? 08/27/2014 18:42:39.958, --- call stack --- 08/27/2014 18:42:39.958, [0] void IOThread_common(void *arglist) 08/27/2014 18:42:39.958, [1] bool __cdecl ReplyExPacket(class CDBSocket *,const unsigned char *) 08/27/2014 18:42:39.958, [2] bool __cdecl ReplyLoadDominionSiege(class CDBSocket *,const unsigned char *) 08/27/2014 18:42:39.958, [3] void __cdecl CDominionManager::ChangeState(enum DominionSiegeStateType,bool)
  6. Hello, prompt with what the mistake error 64 read buffer size in cashe server is connected when closing npc server and l2server. Pack Gf euro off. Thanks in advance.
  7. In this subject I spread files for гф which did itself, behind an exception npc date, string corrections are given. Itemdata fix multisell fix buildercmdalias fix cubicdata fix eventdata.ini fix npcpos fix setting fix fstring fix npcdata drop_x1 adena_x1 spoil_x1 BIg thanks ericvini and more Not final version of Pak if there are persons interested to help with the this case write it to this subject or send the files as PM or in this subject. I am grateful to all use on health. http://www.4shared.com/rar/BdGRKkuEba/script.html
  8. Hello, I search npcdata for gracia final as from that that is, at me it doesn't turn out to make tracks of some part of mob. If somebody to help me is thankful in advance.