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  1. Hi, i buy acc pael+ donate system for my server, IL i have from lucera2.ru and H5 l2jServer. Contact me to facebook: My fake Facebook
  2. web page http://l2andariel.eu/index.php Open server: 27.03.2015 17:00 gtm+1 SERVER RATE XP: x15 SP: x15 Party XP and SP: x2.00 Adena Drop rate: x15 Drop Items rate: x10 Drop SealStones rate: x3.5 Spoil rate: x10 Drop Manor rate: x5 Drop Quest rate: x5 Quests Reward rate: x5 DropRaidBoss: x10 100% working Interlude skills. (I mean 100%. All of them work, no exceptions). 24 buffslots available. (divine Inspiration fully working (level 1, 2, 3, 4)) No GM shop, No mana potion. Only mana drugs. Newbie buffer to 80 lvl +added more buffs. 1st and 2nd buy for adena: NPC giran. Buff time retail. Dan
  3. I am looking for someone I knew to do gif banner TOPZONE. Write to: https://www.facebook.com/roman.stanko.39 Thx for help