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  1. I have download IL twice from diffrent pages, Still the same problem.. :/
  2. Hello, thanks for answering, look at the picture. Im using IL
  3. Hello guys, Im having a problem with almost all servers that i download . I can open l2.exe normally but when i log in to my account to create a character, it says me L2.exe has stopped working... Can you please help me solve this problem ?
  4. Hi guys Can someone send me a link for OAUKX ? i was looking a lot for it but didn't find sommething
  5. i export the file i want to psk how can i open it on 3ds max ?
  6. can you send me any link of those programs ?
  7. wich program i need to edit animations ?
  8. i mean how does party mask covers eyes in face ? i want to make something that covers every thing in face
  9. Hi every one. How can i make a texture that covers all the face and with wich program can i make this ?
  10. Can someone help me to open server ports on Cyta modem ?
  11. I Create a server and I cant open ports. all my friend says you cant open ports on your router (Cyta) .. can anyone help me please ?
  12. look .. i press //spawn 105 , and says me created server info in and npc its invisible
  13. Kai allo ena gamato share apo esena file .... me exeis trelaneii !! eisai pollu opp!! Keep SharinG !!
  14. re file sovara gamato .. den uparxei pragma p na exeis ftia3ei k na min einai kalo ... gamatooo!! keep sharing !