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  1. I can sell you mine key, I just quitted from some server and I dont have time to bot :D Valid for 20+ days, unlimited clients - cost me 20usd.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a script for Sell/Buy actions with NPC on Interlude servers. Engine.Exchange doesn't work, so it must be done via packets. Or if you know how to catch a specifit packets I will be grateful.
  3. Hello, I'm selling adena on fresh server - L2 Mordor x27. PM for details.
  4. Hello. I'm selling accounts with following characters : - SE 60 - karmian, weapon C with acu, C jewelery - BD 56 - C jewelery - WC 58 - karmian, C jewelery - EE 56 - karmian, weapon C with acu, C jewelery - crafter 58 (club card) - spoil 60 (premium) - kookabura 56 - great wolf 55 - top weapon, top jewelery A lot of mats, some aa, adena. Pm for more information.
  5. Hey, I Just bought an Adrenaline key. Unfortunelly I'm not able to play (cannot run l2 cuz of hardware). If you are interested, send me a PM!
  6. Hey, I'm selling account with used key to ArcheAge Closed Beta. It's not expensive, just pm me! Paypal only skype: dav_cath SOLD