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  1. Looking forward with my clanmates!
  2. Server is really fine, lacks some population tho. Worth trying. Online counter has fake +200 added but other than that, at least it's not P2W.
  3. 1 more thing. I got new interlude l2 FileEdit and edited npcname-e.dat file, seems like everything ok. I found treasure chest ID (lucky ones) and renamed them to Treasure Box(es). Turning on l2 and guess what... All chests now is boxes... But just some of them are lucky. Dont think so i'm so dump :) I edited just lucky chest names... ID 182**, unlucky begins with 2****. So damn what to do now?.. Nothing helping to know lucky chests..
  4. Tried :) Just most topic is about drop-spoil for c4, no1 for interlude :) Or i can't see other due to lack of posts ;)
  5. Tried... Not helped too... Btw how to add title on mob/npc? cuz in npcname (or so) file can change just name, or i dont know how to ^^
  6. I tried. Nothing happened ingame. If it would be helped i would not be asking u for help :) I chaged ~10+ ID names from Treasure Chest to Box, i know which ID is lucky which not not, but it didnt gave me any effect ingame. So w8ing for replies. Thx, Opti0naL
  7. I know 1 thing how to make server down :P Btw tested in some :) U need: some equipment (any which ppl would like and take it), so begin droping items in 1 place, all ppl will come to 1 spot, every1 pushing "Pick Up", too much info for server, means it's down :P Everything worked in interlude l2j server ;P
  8. Hello every1, so i wanna some help. Could some1 tell me how to edit interlude files to change name of Treasure Chest (lucky one with enchant) to Treasure Box, or put title if lucky. I tried to edit npcname.dat file with l2edit but nothing changed ingame. If it's not hard some1 share edited files or tell me clearly how to do it. Mine try wasnt succesful :) P.S. Dont forget it's interlude (no need c4 files for crashed client...) Thx, Opti0naL
  9. Multiplay u mean dualbox? I'm just asking for the future ^^
  10. I dont believe it works.. cuz i tried it millions of times in a lot of servers... if box is good, anyway it disapears after any touch/hit, not opens like u said. If it's empty (i mean no enchants) just then u can kill it. Or it was bugged server
  11. What about l2off? for sure not working?. btw i tried 1 pvp server not worked :/
  12. Emm ok i found it and tried on l2off c4 server. works fine, just 1 little bug. After that patch the adventure guild member becomes in huge rabbit... If u click on it u got critical error. Any opinions about solution of this problem?
  13. Some1 can gimme link of that patch to PM or so? i'm looking that crap for long time :) And now lack of posts to see topic :?
  14. I tried 2 servers :) 1 l2off and 1 l2j.. but i think both of them is too good and too fixed to use this bug... Nothing happened