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  1. To whom it may concern, Thinking about making old school server. Just pm me or comment bellow. Looking for people with L2 OFF Dev knowledge, previous experience. Rates should be would probably be something close to this. EXP/SP: 7x Adena: 5x Raid drops: 2x Epic raid drops: 1x Spoil rates: chance 5x amount 1x Quest rate: Retail-like Party EXP retail-like Retail-like Events Features Best geodata Offline shops Travelers’ weapons Cursed swords (Akamanah, Zariche) – disabled first months Increased quest rates EXP x2 Max. enchant +16 (rates retail-like) Epic bosses spawn time reduced to 5 days Baium 7 days Valakas and Antharas. No Wipe and Corruption due hardcore limited GM accounts. Donations Only non-game effecting items (Cosmetics and 2nd class change items)