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  1. Because i like retail servers. If i would like to play with "custom" items now i should be in Hi5 servers. But anyway, i like Hi5. Generally each client with his retail items. Nothing more nothing less than that.
  2. Server Accepted At L2Topzone !! Join And Have Fun !
  3. We are trying. Thanks for that! We also need some people to support us. We got low online but it can be fixed.
  4. Yes server started, but counter says: Now! there is no time on it.
  5. Our New PROMO VIDEO Is Now Available !!!!
  6. Daily Updates 1) Website Updated To www.Lineage2IL.Com 2) We Run A New Clan Event And It Will Be Available Untill 6th Of October. -Every Clan With 10 Active Members (IP's) Will Be Checked) Will Be Rewarded With 10k Reputation Points And 5 Different Clan Eggs Of Leaders Choice! Good Luck To All Clan Leaders. Regards, Lineage2IL Team.
  7. Thanks a lot my friend and about grand openning we hope the best results.
  8. You Can Now Check All The New Updated With YELLOW Letters. Date Has Been Added To All New Updates. FaceBook Page Is Now Available! https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2IL
  9. Its not a serious one, but thanks. We need to focus on server :)
  10. Then whats the reason of donate? xD