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  1. Nice nice ,l2 redmoon make the differnce from brazon nice in frond of steam(with vew bots) doesnt give free donate coin ,no no no http://prntscr.com/lgzoh3
  2. what do you mean the phantoms is tales discover ! you have ever play official ? thats why you speak propably about titans when titan zealot freanzy w/o sos hit tank with double ud for 50k :D
  3. propably you forgot how lineage 2 , cause of your friend files tales! ofc on pvp you cant press 1 attack and let your afk and hit ofc titan hit 600k when there is no critical cap and ofc epic works all that your friend tales change them and make all files shitty!
  4. we check l2saga files ,really is amazing , like scryde same! very good filles !
  5. they tell me is like battle club , and those russian server but fix it ! dont know!
  6. I hear l2 saga open on october with new russian files , what is this russian files? is like dragon-lionna etc ?
  7. is like averia , you can try then speak my friends cause i say the same thing until i check them !
  8. I start play on l2evil and really have most op files i have ever seen , with macro glitch and raid boss work perfecly and more not like fking tales/era files , guys you must really try that server !
  9. the real doken1313? the grand master doken1313? the superduper doken1313? doken1313=trusted
  11. that guy Anitah is something (boyfriend) on mouse , and he dont stop spam for destiny/era and hate other servers !
  12. No mate , averia/name/scryde/battleclub/emerald is not based on taless files they have russian files almost official !
  13. New battleclub is good ? worth to join ? Cause Its not worth anymore fking mouse servers(lionna,rise,dragon,destiny,era)
  14. next server of mouse(l2destiny,dragon,rise,lionna) confrimed 5th of august 2017 , he already planned next server after l2era !
  15. the new server l2era is the l2destiny,dragon,lionna 1 month past time for new server they dont get boring of that , they think we are breandead zombies ?
  16. I have this problem any can help me !
  17. whos knows if disappear or deleted or pick it up and it doesnt mater! am pro i fucked them anyway :D
  18. Is not bad server , not perfect too but have polite gms who listen and fast support ingame and skype ! its worth to play my opinion and btw drop items after some time disappear and after restart!
  19. averia will open 27 may i think , destiny will lose all russians then he will put epics on donate and start prepare new l2rise or lionna!
  20. maybe scryde x50 is 3 month server and still have lot of ppl!
  21. who ? me ? am just asking if is one more pay to win server like tales-saga-destiny ? or i keep playing thalasic!