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  1. Im willing to sell my acc with all that it on it: *baium, QA, frintezza, Zakken, Antharas and orfen. *set draco +6 MW, set DC robe +6 MW, set Majestic light +6 MW, Doom Hvy +6 MW *AS+CD + mbarrier lvl10 *AS+CD + pdef lvl10 *soul separator+CD+12 MW duel might aug *DB+16+MW+PVP duel might aug *WT+15+MW *behemoth+10+mw +AM+ACU+MW +6 *bracelet of malaria. flu and rehuma. *more than 12b adena adv,gs,tita, and sph , archer and dagger most of skills +18+20 The price will be around 900-1200 eu, i will like to
  2. Reliable seller and fast delivery. thumbs up
  3. such a nice dwarf, trustful and fast, recommended 100%
  4. one of best sellers, fast and very reliable, recommended 100%
  5. wait wait what?? i dont even have that skype, jesus
  6. i have dc+6 set 25eu AM+ACU+4 MW 25eu AM+ACU+4 15eu AM+ACU+3 10eu
  7. hey u there im willing to buy something
  8. hi, whats the price for toi lvl 6, daimon the cloak the belt and the adena
  9. wts set vorpal heavy +6 120 att, vesper jewel set +6, hellblade +6 +300 att, and 5b adena