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  1. hey urban you have for winxp? i looking for l2walker on ES
  2. my program l2info edit get error whe i start.why?
  3. i can see the tutorial but dont worikng more. there have new protetion system
  4. close you all programs except msn and try to use.and dontn go show all of this ip
  5. hum.why u dont create the super script.and put some link for download?
  6. ohh!! you care about my english? i made this topic for config the l2walker for l2hobby.not for show my performace english .so stfu if you want help make your post here not for only bla ..bla bla bla.... for take some points!!!! you care alot? www.care.com have fun!!
  7. boter+ why you dont make this script for all? i dont know where diretory i take it.and i dont know what name file i put this script.plz help us.in very confunsion about how make it..create and make link plz!!!!
  8. hum presciso dar uma olhada no seu l2walker.tem como vc passra ele pra mim?..talvez pode ser um passo a frente!!