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  1. For me strange a bit mby not scammer but still , 2 weeks ago one guy scam me on 100 euro ,
  2. On Core.. WTS Xbow Blessed R95 +10 2xSA(haste+focus) 300 atri or i can trade for Gem R or Game R / Adena
  3. WTB at Core Server .... Give me price on PM HERE
  4. Wtb PvP Weapon Stone or Bow in good price in Adena Pm here
  5. :happyforever: :happyforever: :happyforever: :happyforever: up up
  6. CORE SERVER As a topic WTB Blessed r99 bow +++++++ 2sa/1sa/ 0 sa PM here
  7. Core Server As a topic WTB Blessed Bow r99 OE ++++++ 2x Sa /1x Sa / W/O SA PM Here
  8. Hi WTS on CORE SERVER Antharas Earring +5 sold Crossbow r95 ( Haste+Focus) +10 (300atri) Only Adena
  9. WTS Stuuf on Core server Octavis ring warrior 2,8kkk AQ Soul Ring 5,3kkk r99 leather helmet +6 360 atri 900kkk r99 leather boots+6 Blessed 2,5kkk