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  4. Hello , as the title says i would love to share with me link for deadz 2.3 I know 2.4 is free on their site but i want 2.3 and i cant find it anywhere . Thanks in advice
  7. i have to make views somehow haha
  9. Hello I start promote my YouTube channel . I'm playing l2 h5 client currently at l2devil. Well enjoy
  10. Idk about interlude. But for sure you can't get all benefits in h5 client . Also I know ppl selling interfaces witch files are deleting if author not approve your pc( interface creator is named somik). EDIT: Also you can easier block interface as admin than block software . Plus I never saw someone selling interface like for example l2helper software . So either they exist and they don't wanna sell either they can't make such a think
  11. I'm already working on a interface and this is the last thing I wanna add . I was thinking after to share it for free but the respond of community make me think that twice . Thanks for your respond but I can just let this detail outside not so big deal , besides 90% of this game using 3rd party programs so why to buy an interface when they can buy a software in lower price ?
  12. when your target has real target on him you can see it under his name as the picture. Anyone knows how can i add it?
  13. ur the man thanks . PS. I also i see your interface pro so ill ask for something i searching but all links i found are dead. I send you a private message about the post i did if you can and have time answer me please. Thanks for your time
  14. @Celestine so if i wanna get only overlord debuff i take just NPHRN_skill from octomber edition am i right?
  15. hello . Can this damage on screen shared for h5 ? Im searching for it . Thanks