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  1. in l2damage anti buff is not working with the patch it shows the icon black and its not workin any solution? thanks
  2. i have problem with the antibuff in l2damage it shows the icon of the buff black, anyone know how to fix it? thanks
  3. hm thanks for that, i changed it but the icon of the auguments went again that shitty red that are all same so is it possible to modify both files and just get the antibuff from the normal file and put it on the patch file? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello im playing in an interlude server and i messed with the system i used a patch and the thing is that the anti buff now is not working, anyone know in which folder is the file for antibuff located or how the anti buff file is called so i can replace it? in the skill screen i can see the anti buff but its black and i cant use it. Thanks In Advance