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  1. gz you owned rise with 0cp/organise, and still got owned on next serv.. and from then never saw some of you, only anhel with random cps and all time get owned why so hate dude? :troll: post some fraps from stress pls, the serv after pharos or with other cp you played on bfp/world
  2. if you cant see then you are blind, its same admin l2tales and vadc, there you can donate epics and any other item you wanna btw https://www.facebook.com/avoukatos.vasilis?fref=ts a big photo of l2tales, but at same time he works on l2vadc project, haha CMON you serious now?
  3. like always kam3ran, you show video, pictures, all are fake for him that dog cant get lower.. and its sad so many kids have no idea whats happening on this serv, that kind of kids that never visit forums stays on that server only no matter if you upload 50videos with the corruption, kam3ran is excuse master that bulgarians...
  4. ye 2000 online, its so saad sooo many nooobs like this one dont knows the real online nowdays
  5. salva+charm S :) charm S like 15min/reuse and defenders can res normaly, just need press control(normaly dont need control) when we lost the castle then we didnt had any res, only salva/charm attackers have to put flag to be able to res on castle siege, was good fights in rune anyway :)
  6. pto you are the one that hiding deep loa cuz you are failing hard any serv and never show up on pvps
  7. http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=278333.15 haha
  8. haha, who said im stalone,, seriously?then why im flame his serv? are you braindamaged too or what, im with jok3 cp who playing on world atm you serious? only retards like you gonna stay there, and offline shops, its sad that even 80% of server leave, fake online will replace them and even more
  9. anyway server is corrupt, jok3 picture is enought dat pto, every server failing, every server feeding our pvp score
  10. relax we believe you that you are not l2tales, you dont have to post in 2 mins at both topics and ofc you didnt moved VIP from stalone account to this one
  11. like always, everything is "fake photoshop" for world admins, even with video they will have some excuse
  12. so this is one more corrupt? why ragnor gave buster clear to pto? oO? and btw nik, seriously? thats the L2World admin, you proove that they are corrupted and then they spam "fake , photoshop , painted" you are corrupted as sh1t
  13. http://l2jdb.l2jdp.com/db_weapon.php?id=13459 Clear Buster ID 13459, nice one... every sa of buster or found have other id like http://l2jdb.l2jdp.com/db_weapon.php?id=14125 14125 so you better search other ID not the ID of CLEAR buster oh wait,even if you find it, you not gonna say the truth OFC
  14. post from kam3ran incoming "fake, painted, photoshop, other serv" and 500 more excuses gogo
  15. rly? looks like someone dont check stalones serv post.. http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=278333.15 sup dog ?