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  1. Money talks! :D
  2. Thanks, we planing to make better advertise from donate payments soon!
  3. And show us windows bar nextime about time.. its around 4 am or not? :-) :-)
  4. No guys :-) 14:00 = 609 Online. Maybe is low number of ppls in giran coz everyone are in locations. About Achylek he got BAN hes the m Just simple hater. causing problems player :-)
  5. Second day 600 still growing, come on guys :-)
  6. Many Thanks. http://l2icescream.eu/downloads/patch/icescream%20patch%201.6.rar
  7. Our rates can be 15x but its still hard no worries :-), see you soon guys !
  8. Yep tomorrow guys! Hope to see you.
  9. Informations updated. Cheers Exie...
  10. Thank you, i forget! Cheers Exie.
  11. OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING 31.1.2015 !!! HighFive 20x... After more than five months, we are advised officially the date of the official opening of the server. Server will be opened Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 19:00 GMT + 2. Server will continue [beta] traffic until 28.1.2015, so if you still do not believe us let's try what else you do not like on the other servers, or what you dislike on our past server. Thank you for your patronage and look forward to you! Your L2ICS team. Base Features... Rates - 20x SP - 5x Adena - 15x Drop 15x Boss Drop 15x Spoil 10x Safe +3 / Max +25 / Changeable r
  12. Websites - http://l2icescream.eu Forum - http://forum.l2icescream.eu Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2L2icescreameu
  13. Im not sure if i understand classic / featured server mean... clean = pure server & featured = customed?
  14. Ah yes :-). Its only desing thing. We didn want unbalance it thanks to ,,custom stats" .
  15. GoD items are just visual staff for now. Will be edited later. do not undesrand what you mean :-)
  16. New incoming pvp server project L2Adora 500x now begin to openBETA. Watch our forums and website to get last information about server. Web - www.l2adora.com Community - www.forum.l2adora.com BETA Server features: This server use Lineage ][ High Five Version of client. GoD Armors + GoD Hero Weapons. No Overpowered stats ! Rates : Experience (EXP) : 500x Skill Points (SP) : 500x Adena : 300x Drop Items: 1x Quest Experience (EXP) : 1x Quest Skill Points (SP) :1x Quest Adena : 1x Quest Drop Items : 3x Spoil : 1x Weight Limit : 12x Enchants :
  17. Web: www.l2rod.com (under construct) Forum: www.forum.l2rod.com (more info lookUp there) Facebook help US and like :-) Server grand opening 28.9.2013 at 12:00 GTM+2 Incoming clans of 9-minimum number of unique IP addresses get full clan lvl 10reward a coin for each character! Valid for the first three days. Beta server will start in the end of August for public testing. Cheers! Exie. http://s17.postimg.org/o8gark52n/adversite_02.jpg[/img]