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  1. Server Rates Expiriance:x1000 Skill Point: x1000 Adena:x1000 Party XP: x1000 Party SP:x1000 Enchant & Lifestone Rates Enchant Safe +7 Enchant Normal & Bless - 80% Enchant Special - 100% Enchant Max Norm & Bless +16 Enchant Max Special +20 High Grade LS - 10% <br> Top Grade LS - 25% NOTE:Blessed After Break Return to +7 Server Features Retail Olympiad System Retail Siege System Custom Item Noblesse Retail Siegable Clan Halls Retail Fortress System Vote Reward System (Topzone&Hopzone) Automatic Events (TVT,CTF,
  2. mono apo ton l2core p eixe katalabaineis oti einai apatewnas... 500 euro to superhaste lvl 4........... enas logos p misisa to l2 .;s
  3. ενοω ποσο παει το μαλι για να βγαλω το διπλωμα για 125 κιβικα
  4. θα ηθελα να ρωτησω τι τιμη παιζει για 125cc
  5. Olympiad Command Information press in game .olympiad and show you info about server olympiad automatic value of configs (NOT TEXT) Preview: -removed- be Elfocrash (reason: advertising another forum) Credits to Dracule
  6. maybe i should add colors red on "OFF" and lime in "ON"
  7. i make a new mod for h5 a panel show you automatic server informations rates and what is enable and disable based on l2j features i hope you like it tested and working 100% Preview: http://oi48.tinypic.com/j77vvk.jpg[/img] http://oi45.tinypic.com/b639cm.jpg[/img] http://oi46.tinypic.com/2ninmn4.jpg[/img] Pastebin Credits:Dracule
  8. someone can explain me what the heck is this? Buildfile: C:\workspace\L2JTerranova-GameServer\build.xml checkRequirements: getChangelogDateVersion: BUILD FAILED C:\workspace\L2JTerranova-GameServer\build.xml:221: Execute failed: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "svn": CreateProcess error=2, ??? ????? ?????? ? ?????? ??? ???????????? ??????? ??? ?? ??????? Total time: 1 second