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  1. Adrenaline working there. You just need to get an updated a.dll file. You're welcome.
  2. This one doesnt work anymore
  3. Hello, Any bot working there? Free or Paid ?
  4. erm, you did not tried very well.... c4off work very well, the problem is: if someone make a sreen shot and send to gm's.
  5. Dude , speak in english... i am so lazy to go on google and traslate it.
  6. Hm what do you want know? only you need set l2.ini and have fun.
  7. Cool, i was playing on l2max, but that server got bored, you guys can hope a full alliance joining on nanaki xD
  8. Hm ds +14, cd +9 and dual sls +8 on l2max, after i got banned ><
  9. maybe is because GG, when you run l2.exe, it show on l2hpx but when nprotect runs, it disapear. (sorry for my bad english)
  10. lol :D hm, i am wondering if u can disable protection of supremel2. if not, no change to l2walker work.