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  1. few mins ago l2era just announced new opening :D .. soo funny.. they have running lionna, rise and now they want open 3rd server... what a funny guys... anyway, 19th is l2saga opening, so hope they will rekt these liona boys .. also about l2rise... first day on server destiny(menos) clan got full ica weaps with 300... after 14 days they quited.. after another week+- they returned with full skills +30, items +++ and gear.. so it kinda feel fishy :D stupid corruption
  2. yeah i just wanted to edit my topic.. what to say.. well... i know nothing about file editing and etc :( i dont know how to open it, how to change... nothing .. :(
  3. wish it would be true... but it isnt :( here is screen what its doing each time i target myself or player
  4. https://bymerc.xyz/deadz/download.html just i am having problem that each time i target player it start spamming Target update and it start to spam some numbers in chat ... if anyone know whats wrong with it?...