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  1. As the title says im looking to buy Emi bow, Homu, Whispering death sword, SB DW preferably for adena in game.
  2. Looking for +10 or higher valakas, +10 or higher antharas, Cols, purple paper, GCM/GC, top 84 lifestones.
  3. Just bought some items from this guy from this server, went smoothly. Very trustworthy and flexible seller.
  4. As stated in title I am wanting to buy some l2toxic x50 server items, preferably those pertaining to Storm Screamer. Message me on here thanks.
  5. Wtt aq and baium on l2 tales for either 115m adena or one of the following weapons; forgotten blade / arcana mace / drac bow Pm me here with your Skype
  6. Wtt baium +4. Aq +7 and zaken +7 for adena or items on dex hi5 wrath server. Pm me and well add to Skype.
  7. WTS 85 Storm Screamer Noble all skills pretty much 30/15. Gear: +11 archangel sword Acu 300 wind pvp passive wm, +8 elegia robe set pvp, valakas antharas baium blessed zaken beleth all +6-8. +7 vesper mw sigil instead of elegia sigil. +10 olf shirt and +7 pvp defense belt. WTS 85 Cardinal noble all skills low like 10+. Gear: +4 Dynasty Mace foundation earth +1 con. +7 vorpal robe set pvp, with +8 elegia chest pvp. Blessed freya, blessed zaken, baium, beleth, antharas. +7 pvp belt, +7 elegia shield, +4 olf shirt. Wts 85 soul taker noble all skills 30/15. Gear: +11 vesper buster acu 300 dark, +7 vesper robe set master work. +4 pvp belt defense. Tezza zaken baium Beleth antharas +6. WTS extra Ant queen, Baium, +5 rising star acumen. and 28bil adena. Message me here and we will add eachother to skype.
  8. Good seller. Fast transaction. No problems. Would buy again !
  9. Any chance you'll sell your elegia robe set for adena ?
  10. Selling this char with gear as a package deal if you don't want the whole thing this isn't for you. Wts soul taker noble subs done. All skills 30/15. +11 vesper buster acu 300 dark passive matk. +7 vesper noble robe set masterwork lvl 7 atribute. +6 olf shirt Pvp defense belt Tezza, zaken , baium , Beleth , antharas all +6. Zaken cloak. Message me here if you are interested. Thanks.
  11. WTB elegia circlet shoes gloves l2 tales. Message me here thanks