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  1. Yes Thanks ExCaLiBuR®, u are amazing.. 1 less, lack the other :D
  2. Sorry for the delayed response, I was sick. I am creating a npc/command which displays the statistics of the character and server. What I lack is the code to display the time line of the session character and server. Sorry for my eng
  3. I want to do this and I have no idea. This image is a time counter that the character is online, the counter returns to 0 when it returns to login. This image is the same as the first, but the time that the server is online The part in the htm ready, but I need the java side Thanks in advance and sorry for my english..
  4. Oh, sorry, didn't see the other post.. Thx
  5. Greetings all, could give me a little help with this problem that I have with the buttons? This I want to do a few buttons on the html for my NPCs with some icons of skills and items, the problem is when I pass the mouse over this button becomes a black box, the same happens when you make a click. For example I want to get a result like this: Press: Mouse over the icon: My code: <button action="null" back="icon.skill5243_Over" fore="icon.skill5243" width="32" height="32"/> On the back tag, try using "_Over" or "_Down" and nothing happened. Please help..