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  1. Share L2FileEdit for Homunculus protocal 286 EU Please. I want to edit ItemName-eu.dat Thank you.
  2. WARNING: Unable to load protection components WARNING: Your license has expired or your user is wrong WARNING: You can buy new license in Game Server Terminated. Press any key to continue . . .
  3. any one share system for Epeisodion or Valiance (english) please
  4. Work but can't edit l2.ini (work with glory days, lindvior but not work with Epeisodion , Valiance)
  5. Best in the world. Prevent hacking Ddos spam f u c k i n g hacker nobody can hack.
  6. the best 1 protech hack ddos and hacker
  7. Scammer File server alot of bug Look price for bug server 100 + us..
  8. l2jgroup scammer Bad and alot of bug server. We offer to Your attention several options for licenses, which give opportunity to use our emulator without any restrictions. Any type license is active for 30 days. But this does not mean that if license time end then you may not be able to use emulator in future. Lite - Price 170 USD, cost of the monthly extension 100 USD, includes obtaining updates in time of their release, access to bug report section, technical support. Standart - Price 220 USD, cost of the monthly extension 140 USD, includes obtaining updates in time o
  9. Can not start create character! How to fix it Thank
  10. How to fix it Thank