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  1. Wts Delf yul trickster 99 / Othel ghost 97 Sub 80/80 On Core: Armor: Seraph set +4/+3 120 Metal Suit Weapon: Amaranthin crossbow +4 Haste 300 Requim Shaper+3 Haste 300 Fishing Road(Hero) :D Jewels and Symbols Istina necklace+5 Freya necklace+4 Zaken earing Coc Earing Stun Oly aq ring Other Stuff Str Hat Istina Shirt +3 Pvp skill atack Belt +3 Hellfire Talisman 10 Istina Crystals Rose buff per 5h Heroic dignity hair style learned Skills: All passiv +5/+4 Mind eye +5 Impact shot +5 Multiple Arrow +5 Pinpoint shot +5 Quick fire +5 all other skill +1 Fishing skills +9 18 day Pr
  2. Sigel Shillien Templar 97 49% -Sereph Heavy Set - Apo cutter + health -12h Birthday Vitalyti potion -Seraph and Tw jewl set Dual class: 89+ Youl Sagi(archer) 80 day Premium account end etc. Price 80 euro // payment via paypal I will send account informations when i get money. For more info pm me here
  3. Hi Main: Wts/t 97 40% Human race ShilenKnight Seraph Heavy Set tw jewel set seraph jewels Freya neckles Apo cutter + health 12h Vitality Birthday Potion 80day Premium account Dual: 89+ Youl Saggitarius TW light set tw jewls Apo bow dmg up +300 I WTT for 97+ Othel or Youl Pm me for offers