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  1. hi im trying to write a train script for warlord. i use moveto and useskill to provoke the mobs and get the train going then facecontrol to enable bot but i cant find a way to stop bot from fighting after all the train is dead. any ideas?
  2. 774 akoma sinexizete ayto re?? LoL
  3. thX Mastropos you make my night :P :D
  4. Nice work virusako , poli kalo twra elpizo oli na kanoun search kai auto me to sticky se ola ta topics na gini etsi oste na to vlepoun, 8a einai poli kalo.. Gratz Virusakos
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  6. -7 ores ithela na po: Bonjour :D
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    LoL you guys hate rooy.......