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  1. I did. But i was searching some one with this:
  2. Hi. Where can I get a patch for H5 that makes it look like Classic (dmg over char, critical popup, etc etc) thx
  3. Lineage 2 EndGame Rates: Exp: 25X / Sp: 25X / Adena: 20X Cronica: H5 (CT2.5) Blue Spoil: Activado Craft Foundation: 3% Forgo Scrolls: Automaticos Quest Drop: 1-3X Drop Safe Enchant: +4 // Max Enchant: +16 Normal Scroll Chance: 50% Blessed Scroll Chance: 55% Chance elemental stone: 40% Slot de buff: 24 slots + 4 divine 1 por computadora en epicos. AQ - CORE - ORFEN (LV85) Cancel: Lineal Cantidad de clientes por PC: 4 + Offline Stores/Buffers Community Buffer, habilitado en zonas epicas. FEATURES Gm-Shop en community. Sell Buff Store. Buffer con Scheme en community. Sistema de Archivements con Fama de premio. TvT cada 2 horas. .party para buscar y armar party globalmente. Ctrl +Click para elementar. Champions mob chance 3% . Champion min lvl 20. Champion max lvl 74 Cloak slot liberado. Clan leave penalty 24 hs. Spoil en champions: no tienen mas chance ni drop. COMUNITY BOARD Raid Boss Status Data base ( Con Go To) Top PvP. Top PK. Top killer Raid. Top Complete intances Solo. Link a Facebook, Web y Foro. Comandos. General Shop. Exclusive Shop. ( evento y voto ) Gatekeeper. Blacksmith Symbol Maker. Warehouse. Tabla de eventos. Global Shop Web : Community:
  4. OMG ! what did he said ? :P welcome :D
  5. welcome... take it easy guys, he is new here ... like me :D
  6. hahaha ty for the info but i love photoshop (L)
  7. see this topic:
  8. here it is:
  9. i think there is a post about this with all the info
  10. search in forum there is a topic about this