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  1. that lvl up lags... kill the whole situation :/
  2. Seems like site aint working..any update on this ?
  3. Seems like site aint working..any update on this ?
  4. to ekana alla kai pali ta idia,skeftomai na ftiaxw in kai outbound rule sto firewall gia to l2,an kai den yparxei periptosi na to blockarei giati eixa kanei eksairesi gia to l2...
  5. Kalispera,eimai kainourgios edw kai 8a 8ela na rotisw mipws kserei kaneis gia pio logo sto enter epanw mou petaei dc se opoion H5 srv dokimasw na mpw..den to eixa pote auto to provlima mexri pou ksanaegkatestisa to client.. kathe apantisi kalodexoumeni,thanks
  6. Ok,i guess it's not my business,BUT,u must fix a lot of things before this server is ready..First of all stun is actually like 100% successful..Then you should like reduce vote item's needed ingame just for the time that the server is not accepted in vote sites..My opinions ofc..Friendly