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  1. WTF your talking about ??? decrypting the packets?? go to L2J forums i think they have decrypted the packets and have a packet list
  2. Hm i think in this text is somewhere token. First of all its NOT. Secondly packets are encoded ..... so you wont get the token by just viewing raw (encoded) packet data. And do you even know what a token does???
  3. Great.... the server went offline Edit: Can you atleast give me the original Engine.dll ?? Or the unpacked one
  4. i have this one... not working. Is it even posible to unpack the dll ???? cuz most of the servers use the unpacked dll so i asume its posible... And MAXTOR please look into this Beyond C3 server question cuz alot of people need help (i saw some other posts regarding Beyondc3). I have Windows XP and Windows 98 so its no prob for me to use any decoder...please throw this dog a bone
  5. maybe its called EngExt_ME.exe or smth.. ??? cuz i have this one too and it doesnt work either :/
  6. reading from memory DOES NOT DO ANY GOOD ON BEYOND C3 SERVER. So i thought if i use my old "token finder" it would work. But i need unpacked dll and BEYOND C3 is using a packed one... so... Can so you me?
  7. Is it posible to unpack engine.dll ?? cuz i need an unpacked .dll to get the token. Any kind of help would be great... Thanks P.S. Yes I used search...
  8. fake as a fake can be... let me gues, this guy is seling this prog???
  9. I was looking here and there but cant seem to find them...please if someone would drop a link i would be very greatfull
  10. i can give you the token and the protocol version, but it wont do you any good... anyways.. TOKEN: 5B4D5F2C5E69392E3961627822262829232E3B5D PROTOCOL VER: 530 LOGIN/GAME SERVER IP: It would be great to run out-game walker on this server again... EDIT: and em...i dont have the old engine.dll...but i dont see any use of it...