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  1. seems you waited for a long time to write that :) People don't care about retail servers they care about numbers like you.
  2. its your opinion! but home made server is clearly stupid answer..because we work for this server over a month we are balance and no bug.. and about freeze pay more for internet you cant play l2 with dsl :P
  4. Low rates need patience my friend. The biggest part of server is you i mean the players! if you vote everyday and all other who will be in the server i think the server community will grown fast!
  5. I clearly understand your meaning.. Believe me i dont want to destroy the servers from donation list too.
  6. Give us your opinions in our forums about what items you want to stay in the donation list and the items you want to remove. im telling you guys again that list is not gonna be active with the start of the server. This list will be active a month after the server starts and we will make a lot of changes untill then and ofc we will not have foundation in donation thats the sure one!
  7. End game items? can you READ or what ? i said several times that donation list isnt official yet!
  8. We are trying to be fair with all and to keep a stable server alive..if you dont like something its up to you. Open a topic in our forum and give us your ideas about what should be a good donation list for a low rate server.
  9. Donation list isnt ready yet mate :) i will disable it.. i allready replied that to someone else in a previous post:) THERE IS NO OFFICIAL DONATE LIST!
  10. He think about and class master will be on live too! on facebook is just a album mate don't be confused :D
  11. We spawn in giran town npcs that you can take buffs and armor just for beta my friend. Also donation list is not ready yet.
  12. edimaxxx we fixed our forum here is the link http://forum.l2apollon.com/ ! Do you like it tell us on forum! cu there!
  13. Did you tried with another browser? Chrome and mozzila works good for me.. but i will check about this.
  14. x5 rate server with donate list enabled after one month! Read features first :) Also donate list isnt 100% sure yet.
  15. Hmm we had some problems last night with our hoster but now Website and Forum is up.
  16. Mate if you dont looking for a low rate server, you can leave this topic because is about a new low rate server! There are a tons of mid/high rate server go post there! Thank you for your good luck but we dont need it, We proceed with our knowledge and with our experience!
  17. Hello there and thanks for your nice words too :) and yes ofc course we will have protection when server starts. we plan the grand opening at 1st February or maybe earlier we just need to be sure that nothing will harm your gameplay at start. we wait you all in beta server for having fun!!
  18. Thanks for your good words :) we give our best for your fun and ballance.
  19. many ppl searching for "low rate" , and its high five you have vitality,vitality pops for refuel,exp/sp rune boost with all this your exp can go up to x10. So try a least this features and then judge! thank u!
  20. Yes we hope that too.Thanks for your good words :)
  21. NPC buffer is located in giran ONLY for beta phase of server. when we officialy open npc buffer will be deleted. But we will use a new feature for players called offline buffer it will look like this!