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  1. legend wtf man, 0 bugs ? tell what h5 client has deluxe keys droping on it ? tyrant totems dont work atlise the 2 totems u get until lvl 40 ... u keep saying that thing that this server has no donations and other shiet but u dont have h5 client 100% u got some gf off files client with an update of h5 quests not even npc dont have the same place like on h5 .... tell the real truth not just the one you want ppl to hear it.
  2. herlitz if you dont stop spam with your ideeas about lower rates im gonna find you and im gonna kill ya i belive all forum knows what you want, now stop it, if you dont like what they do just play other server...
  3. well that can't be real cause even if the files this server has are very good, the admins of this comunity are low in experience so im sure there will be problems with server when it will start, i mean if at the 1st start of server they coulnd't deal with autopick, they didn't know how to make autopickup :) on theyr own server... and other shitty things like that i can't imagine dealing with a big of a problem in the long term.... don't get me wrong i wanna play here cause of the files but when i see such low experience from the staff im worried.
  4. " AND WRITE YOUR STROY" ? so with this kind of mistakes you wanna atract people ?:) good one. pay more attention next time.