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  1. just change the numbers you have curcled with the names you want and save it the same rev you opened it.
  2. Hi ppl of MXC!!!! I am looking for L2 Pride Official System / Animation / Systextures files!!! Also some stats from armors are missing so i possibly think its the system that is missing files as the animations are not working correctly. Anyone got a backup working could help me a lot!!! I want to fix titanium textures as they look like this: (server is beeing used for personal use not goin public!) Dav is the original owner and Developer. If Dev sees this post, i want you to know brooo you are a legend!!!
  3. Akolou8isa ta vimata s 1-1 kai kateliksa na kanw login. exw omos 1 problem... otan ftiaxno char, m ton vgazi oti pigeni gia delete character kai dn to vgazi. bori kapoios na help??