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  1. oh thank you ! I though I've already done that but well maybe I did something wrong, now just need how to add the quest description on the menu
  2. Hi to everybody! I'm having problems trying to add quest information on the client side, like (ALT+Q) or Exclamation Mark on NPC Head, don't know what should I edit, I tried to edit questname-e.dat but didn't work but if I delete other quest id in that archive it make disappear exclamation mark and quest information on the quest in the game.
  3. I found a solution, and tried to use other File Edit
  4. Hi to everybody! I'm having a problem when I'm trying to connect to my database using Multisell Manager. I'm using Windows 8.1 x86 I though the problem was because I was using a system x64 but the problem stand still, before I ran the program on windows 7 x32 but the I mount a VM with that windows and the error keep going , don't know what to do now, please need help this program make easier the work on build a Store List
  5. I downloaded a patched system and I'm using an updated File Edit
  6. Greeting! I'm trying to add a quest to the client but every time I tried to save Questname-e.dat but it gave me back an error and deleted the file, like if syntax inside was wrong. if someone could give me a clue, I tried to just open the file and saved with out changed a thing but still got the same error. have I encrypt it in 413 ? Thanks for your time!
  7. i'm not going to sell nothig just trying to learn all i can about lineage, because i love this game and still playing interlude chronicle for about 10 years.
  8. yeah , you´re god damm right on that, i'll try to do it. and try to learn it :D i did the last part that i got error and solve it ,
  9. Greeting people: I'm trying to edit .u files to give a class to a new NPC that I've made, for the Sequences it's not necessary to decrip, just want to make a class.u, or know the package syntax.
  10. Looks like it´s a compability error , can't import shaders from GoD textures
  11. Yes! Thnks :D already have the NPC in game but can`t put shaders on textures, looks like a GoD compability :/
  12. I'm having a problem when i try to convert a file, what could it be a solution ?
  13. Thx for the answers !!! Sry if I didn't complete my Skype info, it's hard to me understand ppl when are speaking in English and I don't want to be annoying. I'll try the program and if have problem ill ask again here. thx for your time :)