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  1. well after first client all of u will know is 100% trusted ...
  2. i just want to get back the money what we spend that all so if u want to buy is k if no is k to and btw we have and a midle rate pack for sell with all instance work 100%
  3. we cahange almos averyfing is not just a pack like what bartudi sell the pack from bartudi wos 30% redy to go online, so after we buy from bartudi need 4 weeks of hard work of 3 developers+bartudi+oter 100 euro to can make the server ready to start.SO bartudi i dont sell your pack now i sell aor full server ofcours +your help to fix all but what cost us money
  4. rights abouth what? in this server work almost 5 developers so u dont have any rights
  5. and btw is D8 system i think who make this server is bartudi but is not the pack what hi sell, is a full server with very hard work and money spend to make him online
  6. guys i just want to get the money what we spend with this pack is true 100% that way i put him in 15 euro no 30 euro couse we dont have time to open servers now so if u want tu buy k if no is k we need to wait 1 to buy and after all of u will know is 100% trusted
  7. hi... well this server wos online with almost 300 players but how mi cousin dont have time for l2 anymore we think will be k if will get back some money from that 150 euro what hi pay to put that pack stable and online Lineage 2 onlystars Experience: 1000x Skill Points: 1000x Adena Drop: 1000x Item Drop 5x Safe Enchant : +4 Weapon Max Enchant : +16 Armor Max Enchant : +16 Jewels Max Enchant : +16 Blessed Enchant : 100% Normal Enchant : 75% Server Features: - Global GK - GM Shop - AIO Buffer - Noblesse Ma