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  1. www.l2origen.com Grand Opening 1, January, 2016. Special Features Noblesse Quest | Now the only way to become Noblesse is by defeating Barakiel! Skill Certification | We have removed the Specific class skills from certification. Potion System | All instant potions can't be used while in combat. Mana Potion | Mana potion(instant) and Mana drug(over time) have been added to the game. Scheme Buffer | One hour full buffs. Max Buffs | 20+4 Buffs 12 Song/Dance.
  2. L2J Community Server version=4912M Hello, ive got i little problem: im trying to query the gameserver database from the community server : private void loadFromDB(int type) { java.sql.Connection con = null; String top; if (type==0) top = "database_stat1"; else top = "database_stat2"; try { _posId = 0; con = L2DatabaseFactory.getInstance().getConnection(); PreparedStatement statement = con.prepareStatement("SELECT c.char_name, c.base_class, c."+top+", c.level, c.online, cl.clan_name, cl.ally_name F