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interlude L2Crazymouse x20000 Just check out this server ;)


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exp: x20000 sp: x500 adena: N/A (Adena Shop At Giran)



- Hero olympiad system

- 7 sins

- Castle sieges

- Zariche event

- Interlude Areas

- Many custom & auto events

- Interlude locations, mobs, armors, weapons

- Custom Armons, Weapons.

- GM Shop

- Quest cat the class manager

- Global gatekeeper

- NPC buffer

- Every skill manager to get any skill you want at giran

- Max enchant +20

- Safe enchant +3

- Duel system

- And many many other features... Just Try us!



Website Address: www.l2crazymouse.com

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newb players,all the skills is bugged angelic icon,zealot,frenzy 3 hours!

and the bishops skill that makes you immortal for 30 sec is 19 minutes so u cant pvp ..free adena on the shop?this sux really better to sell the items free and buy the scroll with adena(because the enchant rate is 25%?)u cant enchant!


so my last words!


before open a server we open a beta to check everything!

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its still in bete test.. there is a forum so you can report if you find a bug... be friendly .. we are not pro.. if you dont want a buggy server without report anything so we can fix it ... www.lineage2.com ;)

kai ntroph panw apo ola idika apo ena atomo san esena ;)

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