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Explanation Needed.

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Hello! I'm not very skilled cheater, and neither I know/understand many of programms.


I need explanation of these things:


What is GG Killer

- what is the adventage of that?

- what for is that needed?


What is Baka Ice?

- many of ppl have used this word, though I dont know what it means  :(


What is L2Informer?

-what for is that needed?



Maybe this topic is stupid, but you know, you probably post great programmes but I dont know what are they for. I dont ask you to guide me how to work in them, I'd learn on my own, just what is it needed for/explanation/adventage  ;D I'm hoping to see a bright spot in a darkness soon.  ;D Thanks.

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Back Ice is a protect against bots and exploits really succesfull, a server with this protection, is a server without bot, for now :P


L2 Informer is a program with info about l2, drops, weapons, armors...


GG Killer is GameGuard Killer, i thinks that this program, like the name describe, make possible run some exploit program (l2phx i.e.) by killing gameguard, dont let gg run


im new in this boting/exploiting, plus, im not english speaker (im from argentina=spanish) someone with more experience could explain better :D

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