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Experience with GM status:Well, I Know Alot of Commands, I Know In What i Have to put, and in what i can't.I Have Alot of Experience With Event GM.


If you have devel knowledges explain them here:Well, I Don't Know what u Mean, But Like i said, I Have Alot of Experience Doing Events, I Know How to Stop that Confusion When they start a Event, All Fighting, a big Discussion, etc... I Know Alot of Commands too...


Reason why you want to be L2 Anger GM:I Want to Become GM, Because i Think Server Needs Some Laugh, Some Fun! So, i Think... "A Few Events Have never done harm to anyone."I Have Alot of Events, About 20 to Show to the People. They Always Beg for Custom Events :P


How many onlinetime can you offer in a day/week? And which times?: About 5 Hours on Monday to Friday, and about 10 Hours per Week(Saturday and Sunday).


Have you ever been GM on other servers? If yes - where? (that's out of interest and only; A player without experience has as much chances to take the job as any other- newbie gamemasters will be provided assistance/guidance):Well, I've Been GM in Interlude Server... i don't Remember the Name of the server, i just know Safe and Max was +35.


What makes you feel we must choose you over the rest of applying people?:Because... I Never Corrupted in my Life... and i Feel I Am Always With Good Persons, Like GM's, they always Want the Best For Them... That's why...


Do you have any good event ideas?: Yes i do!


Events :


Catch The Rabbit : I Must be Transformed Into a Rabbit. Players Must Kill me. I'll make my self with 1 HP. Not Allowed Archers, Mages, Skills, Just Melee.The 1 That Kills the Rabbit(Me) Wins a Prize.


Reach the Number : GM Think in a Number... Like 1 - 20. GM Teleport the 1st 20 Players that want to Come, or He just Let People Pm Him. They only have 1 Chance. The 1 That Reach the Number, or the Closest One, Wins a Prize.


Russian Roullete : My Favourite! . All Sit Down in a Indian Line. GM Trows a Dice to Each Player. If it Gets 6, The Player Dies. The Last Survivor Wins a Prize!


Indian Fight : My 2nd Favourite! 2 groups of 6,7,8 Players in a Line. Each Group vs Each Group. like 6 - 6 ; 7 - 7 ; 8 - 8.

The 1st Fight to the 1st in the other Group. if 1 Dies, The 2nd of the Group that the 1st Died, Go on, and try to Kill the Other. If the Other Dies, the 2nd must go Kill the other 2nd . The group that stay with 1 or more people, Wins a Prize.


Hide And Seek : a GM Hide in a Place, And give 3 Clues. If Any1 Find him, Wins a Prize.


Question Event : GM Say any question, and the player must say the Right Answer, Like for exemple :

Who's the President of U.S.A? and then, they say the answer.

The First Saying the right answer in a Pm(or a NPC of Answers),wins a Price.


Treasure Hunt : GM Hide Items, in a Necropolis, or what place he want. He Says the place. People Must Search all that Place. Btw, The Place must have Monsters. No Silent Move, Hide, Dance of Shadow Allowed .


Last Man Standing : People go to the Coliseum. When GM Announce to Start, they all Fight. The Last Surviving, Wins, and Bishop is not Allowed(All Other Classes are Allowed, even all the Skills).


I'll Always Be Remembering More, or Just Creating. I'll Edit this Post, if i remember more, or i would create.


Created Events :


Fast Write : The GM Announce The Event,and tell them to who want to participate, have to pm him.

GM Will teleport them to the GM Consultation Service(Jail).

GM Will Say a Phrase/Word, and They Have to Write Fast, the Word or the Phrase that GM will say.

The Last Writing The Phrase / Word, Will be Teleported to Giran.


Hide 'n Catch : The GM Hide in a place, Then Announce that Event Will Start. He Say the Place, Like For Exemple : Around Giran Castle Town.

The GM Must be outside of the city. Players Will try to seek the GM. If Anyone find him, the player must kill him,But the GM Can Run!(Not with Superhaste :P)

For Exemple, a Dagger find him. He Use Hide, and Backstab the GM - That's Allowed.

And The GM Must Be at 5000 HP, no CP.

Only Melee Classes Are allowed.No Mages, Archers, Summoners.Here is a List of the Classes You Can Use :


Treasure Hunter.

Plains Walker.

Abyss Walker.


Shillen Knight.

Elf Tanker(I Don't know the name :P)


Well, Archers Can be used, but not with Bows. any Immobility Skill can't be used, like Root, Sleep, Anchor, Medusa, etc...

Trick and Aggresive Skills Are Allowed And PvP PK Allowed too.

If Anyone Break Any of this Rules, the player will be Paralysed, Teleported to the City, or to Hellbound, in a Place, Stuck, with Many Trees Around the Player.

If he Say Apoligize, GM Can Think if he can come Back, or not. But in That Case, GM Will Use Superhaste and Invisibility, To Hide in another Place Around Giran.(In The Exemple).If The Same Player Do The Same Error again, Then he will be Jailed Till the End of the Event.


Remembered Events :


Simon Says : GM Announce the Event,and the firsts 20 Pming the GM that they wanna Join the Event, Will be Teleported to a City(Probably Heine)

The 20 Players Stay Around the GM. GM Say a Action that they Have to Do, Like Unware. The Last "Unwaring" Will be Paralysed, So he Don't do Any Action, and the GM Knows that He's Desqualificated.The Last Standing Unparalysed, Wins a Prize.


you can find me at (sakis.kur@gmail.com) or sakisg.g@hotmail.com

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k, this forum restrict this kind of "Gm applications" Because there was a mess on the past with them




Elf Tanker(I Don't know the name :P)


temple knight.



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