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[L2J] Inferno


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About Inferno:

This is Inferno server, based on retail-like game-play. We can offer you balanced and retail-like PvP game, with unique features and stability. Your game here is fair and donation-free. You may enjoy the closest to retail gameplay than any other server out there and the guarantee that anyone else can’t copy us. We know there are tries to copy us out there, but there are some thing they can’t copy:

* Superior server emulator software: Our server is based on L2DC Project, the best server emulator out there. L2DC Project consists of more than 20 experienced developers, where most of them are active retail players, thus assuring you that you will always experience retail features in their max.

* Unique features and game-play: Server game-play was designed for over a year and development took two months of full-time work. We also had an open Beta testing period, for over a month, which had remarkable participation by Lineage 2 community.

* Heavily experienced staff: Server staff is parted by Copyleft and Nekys.

* Copyleft is well known L2j developer with great experience in PvP game style, supporter of retail game-play and experienced system administrator. * Copyleft coded the 70% of Inferno features, provides superior server platform for our gameserver and in his free time, assists players as Game Master.

* Nekys is well known as owner of the successful low rate server, RaidFight, experienced system administrator and the founder of the initial Inferno game idea. Nekys also manages the server’s system configuration, providing unique knowledge for making the server lagless, stable and with great performance.

* The initial inspiration of the Inferno game-play, more mature and stable than anywhere else.






Main and Subclasses instant level 85.

Spawn at Aden at character creation.

Auto-learn all skills (Forgotten Scrolls and Divine Inspiration included).

No need for Giant Codex to enchant skills.

Only some basic buffs available at NPC buffer.

All buff times are retail-like.

No mana potions.

Dualboxing is not allowed.

Feeding in Olympiad is not allowed.

English on shout.

No donations.



x1000 exp

x100 sp/adena.

x30 attribute stones drop.

x10 drop.

x15 raid drop.

x15 spoil.

x5 skill enchant adena.

x1 raid jewels.


max: 10

safe: 3

rate: 66%.

Duals SA at +0.

Rapier extra SA at +0.

The only way to obtain enchants is the retail-like way.



S-Grade and below free.

S-80/Dynasty is very easy to get – IoP drop.

Dynastic Essence I – Fame, Knight Epaulettes, Ancient Tomes of the Demon or Event Medals.

Dynastic Essence II – Retail-like (Matras Quest).

Dynasty Foundation – Replaced S-Grade Full armors/jewels drops from raids for Dynasty Foundation equivalent items.

Icarus Weapons – Replaced S-Grade Full weapons drops from raids for equivalent Icarus Weapons.

Vesper Gear – Drops from epic raids.

Soul Crystals – Levelling made easier upto stage 15 (Icarus SA), stage 16 only by epics.

You can Seal/Unseal S80/S84 at Maestro Ishuma.



Instant 85.

Maximum 3.

Certification skills working, quest needed.



You need to complete the quest named “More than Meets the Eye” (Certification subclass skills quest).



Optional special register lists for similar classes (tanks, daggers, archers, nukers, summoners, etc!).

Heroes every week, selected Mondays at 12:00

Olympiad every day from 18:00 to 00:00

Anti-Feed system



All respawn times retail-like.

All raids lvl 85.

Modified Epic raids stats.

You need quest for Epics.


Fortress Sieges:

Fortress Siege can occur every 4h, and last 1h.

Only Narsell, Southern and Western fortresses are siegeable.

Western fortress has special guards and rewards.


Castle Sieges:

At the moment only Rune and Aden are siegeable. When more people join, more castles will open.

Siege dates are randomly generated.

Conquering a castle from another clan will give the winning clan 500 Million adena.

Conquering a castle from NPCs will give the winning clan 250 Million adena.

Defending a castle will give the winning clan 250 Million adena.

All this adena gets into the castle’s vault. Depending on the taxes and if your clan owns Aden or Rune, when other castle sieges are done where Aden or Rune have tax rights over them, they will charge their tax on those adena rewards aswell.


Clan Levelling:

Level 1 to 3 have no restrictions.

Lv4: 15 Members

Lv5: 25 Members

Level 6+ retail-like.


Elemental Damage Formula:

In PvP, elemental damage increase or decrease are nerfed by 50%.

In PvE, nothing changed!

… and much more!


Website: http://www.infernopvp.com/

Forums: http://forums.infernopvp.com/


To moderators: Server was previously part of Astral World network as Kain. Now its on its own. There are serveral topics about Inferno. If you feel this is one more spam topic, please delete the others, as I am Inferno owner and I need to edit my first post if anything changes, or to state it in other way, this should be the official topic, so please do not delete it but delete the other ones.

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It's a really great server, I play there with lots of pleasure. There is a good balance and there are always challenging things to do, especially when we get more players; to go Epic raids, and make bigger sieges. They are making almost daily updates, so even if there would be some big bug, it would get fixed in less than 24h. More features coming I heard, so now just more players coming :p


Give it a try. You are instantly lvl 85, you get free S-grade, Noble quest 15 min, farming for dynasty 1h or something, and everyone is still at dynasty so, you are more or less equally strong (of course you should go for special dynasty, subclass certifications, elemental attributes, and skill enchants; but they all are not too hard to get and you can really matter in a random PvP, a TvT match, and even in oly!)


Keep up Nekys and Copyleft, you're doing a great job. I hope more people are going to see that :)

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One of the best servers i played this year, the only problem is community ;/

I wish you good luck, bcs you have created one of the best pvp servers out there.


Really good work. Great server.

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Thank you guys for your kind comments! We still work on it really hard, because the server concept is hard to gain good population as most players are used to play with star wars weapons, mana pots, 50 buff slots and lol maxed stats and in the end complain for balance.

We made PvP the way its meant to be played and more (by fixing huge imbalancements NCSoft created).

I am very optimistic and in addition, the population is getting better and better with more fanatic members.


Thanks for your support!

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Week 4th updates!


Updated more info ingame.

Boosted more the CRP reward for the quest “The Clan’s Reputation”.

Set raid ranking CRP reward to x5.

Fixed 1000 tokens/noble point issue.

TvT Event: Set in an instance (other players won’t be able to interfer even if they are at the same place).

TvT Event: Added 14 new locations, randomly selected at Event start.

TvT Event: Set event every 4 hours.

TvT Event: Boosted rewards.

Added Hellbound info to Info NPC.

Set Vesper Noble Enhance Stone tradeable, dropable, sellable, buyable and depositable.

Added Soul Crystal 15/16 requisite for Icarus/Vesper Dual Swords/Daggers (since SA is applied at +0).

Added Dynastic Essence II for 50 Vesper Noble Enhance Stone.

Deleted teleport to Parnassus.

Instead of being teleported to Floran when you are PK, you will be teleported to Parnassus.

TvT Event: Updated info ingame.

TvT Event: Fixed running time and expiry time while in instance.

TvT Event: Added noble buff to the bufflist.

TvT Event: Added and removed many locations.

Updated Cherub Galaxia and Ember minions.

Queen Ant will only be damaged if you are near it’s spawn position now.

Disabled Orfen’s randomly teleporting people.

Made Orfen paralysys curable (purify, etc)

The minions of Orfen should now respond to the attacks on Orfen.

Updated Core and Zaken minions that got the stats overwritten with last sync updates.

Updated Zaken minions so they won’t raid curse you if you outrange by 9 the original Zaken’s level (60).

Updated Baium Archangels so they will respond if you attack Baium even if they are far away.

Updated Baium skills.

Added announcements for active Castle Sieges.

Added summon buffer ability to NPC Buffer: just select your summon and click the desired buffs.

Disabled changing siege time/day until full support for a better configuration is done.

Opened Goddard and Giran castle sieges.

Fixed castle siege not announcing on siege start.

Fixed raids getting stuck.

Added some Icons to IoP teleport menu.

Added Item Mall in Heine.

Changed Heine teleport location.


Average online is around 80 online at evenings and increasing every day!

Considering that this is a 1-box server, this is great.

Have fun!

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It's going nice Nekys, just you and copyleft keep it updated, it's only getting better with more players. This afternoon I joined some party (I was sws and they were looking for one) tried to take AQ, but didn't succeed yet, but perhaps with a bigger party/two parties :)


Day after tomorrow the first sieges on the new opened castles if I am correct(?) Giran and Goddard. So jump in tomorrow, and you can definitely matter in the big PvP ^^


PS: Nice banner at hopzone ;)

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Copyleft stayed behind a bit with latest L2DC code due to real life (still remember what this is? :P) issues and Inferno-only bugfixes...

Most of the bugs are fixed (If I say all you will say that I am not honest but whatever!) or they are fixed within some hours.

About the Castle Sieges, better ask Copyleft (he has to post any news on our website) as I am still not 100% back on Inferno.

About the banner, well... you made it so of course you like it. Thanks again for your work!

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uhu  really nice server  :D


Finnaly i found a pvp server where u no need to xp , and where all chars are usefull .


Really nice features  !! 


dances / songs  time like retail is the best , i enjoy playing my " Sword Muse " .  ;D


Waiting for a lot of ppls to join this nice server.


With a big community it can be one of the best pvp server epilogue !!!



Join us all  !!



For the one who already play on this server  == > pm  0wner ,  ( Adventurer / Sagitarius / Sword Muse / Mystic Muse ) .

( playing 70 % of time  Sword Muse  ihi ^^ )


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