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interlude [Interlude L2J] L2 DejaVu


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Welcome To LineaGe II DeJaVu !


=SerVeR RateS =


* 2000xp

* 2000sp

* 3000ad


=SeRveR Enchant Rates=


*Normal Scrol Safe +7

*Normal Scrol Max +30

*Normal Scrol Rate 75%

*Bless Scrol 85%


=SeRveR Custom Itemes=


*Red Epic Armor

*New Stile Incarus Wepon


=SerVer Staff=


3h Buff

Full GM Shop

Special Custom Shop

New Tawn Aden

New Coloseum area

New Giran Town

TvT Event  2h

Tatoo Work 100%

Skill Work 98%

Class Balance

Hero System work 100%

Nobles System Work


Custom Server Farm Zones




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