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E-mails lasting 60 minutes!


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Here you can create e-mails that is active only for 60 minutes!


During this time u can send and recieve e-mails normal. After 60 minutes the accounts are dead.


- You can set a name.. or u can select the random option.

- You can also ask more 60 minutes if u need something else.


* Very usefull when u want to make a registration to a site/forum and u dont want to give ur own e-mail adress (Probably to test something) or u are bored to make a new one !


* By the way the account is becoming in no time.. u dont give anything personal ;)




Have fun!

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Mailinator is also good.

When you register somewhere you write for emai: whateveryouwant@mailinator.com

then you go to www.mailinator.com and then in the search box you write what you typed before @mailinator.com

you can also delete the email after reading it

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