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[Help Request] Jail's Textures


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Hi guys i want your help for a while...


I cant find the UTX of the JAIL's Textures :(


if anyone knows reply here the name of the file :D


Thank u :D

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1) In your server: go to jail (I don't know where it is, and too lazy to check atm sorry :) )

2) Check map

3) Check this pic:






4) Find out which tile it is, and see what code it is

5) Go to your Lineage II/textures folder and look for the .utx with the code (T_11_10 for example)

6) Decrypt etc. ah the rest you know :P


Sorry for being lazy and I also can't check if it works.


Anyway: good luck :)


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sorry to disapoint ya guys.. but u wont find jail's textures inside for ex. T_17_10.utx .. i have tryed that.. only way would be to view all textures with umodel and find it. exept if someone here knows the utx and save us the trouble.

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