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interlude [Gracia CT2.3+Interlude L2J] L2 United


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Server Gracia Final www.l2united.net



Exp/SP: x3

Party Exp/SP: x2

Adena/Drop/Spoil: x4

(Include Amount and Chance)

Quest Drop: x2

Quest Reward: x3


NPC Class Changer Only to 1st and 2nd Change, 3rd Class by Quest.


Safe enchant +3

Safe enchant full armor +4

Max enchant unlimited.


Enchant Rates:

Normal Scroll: Armor, Weapon, Jewel 76%

Blessed Scroll: Armor, Weapon, Jewel 86%


Max Recipes Dwarf can read: 100

Max Inventory slots for Dwarf: 120 | Others: 100

Weight Limit: x2


Donations only by Hair Accesories.

Dual Box Allowed.


our server will soon be online



12GB Ram

1TB Disco Duro

100megas Conexion






Welcome to www.L2united.net


Exp/Sp/Adena: x1000

Drop/Spoil: x4


Plasmatic = Stats 5

Vesper Gold = Stats 4

Vesper Silver = Stats 3

Dynasty = Stats 2

Titanium = Stats 1




Vesper = Stats 3

Icarus = Stats 2

Dynasty = Stats 1

Dual's Custom



Baium Hair

Zaken Swords

Zaken CHapeu


Tvt funcionando . cada 1 hora

Olimpiadas Funcionando cada 15 dias

Sub class freee

Todos los mostros del juego drop items custom

Zona de pvp en la GK.

Raid boss Zobe

Raid Boss Drop.

Items Custom,



Gk, Global


   *Intel C2Q Q9550 2.83Gh

   * 8192 MB DDR2 RAM

   * 500 GB 7.200 RPM

   * 2000 GB Traffic p/m

   * 100 Mbbs up/down Link


L2 United Interlude



Proximamente nuevo servidor Interlude:

El proximo Sabado 7 de Noviembre A LAS 14 HORAS sera la apertura![/color

Visita el Foro para mas informacion





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