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[move]~Lineage 2 Caution~[/move]


Lineage 2 Caution is a new L2J  Interlude server!


General Rates:


XP: x350  Adena: x500

Party XP: x2


Enchant Rates:


Weapon Enchant Rate (With Normal Scrolls): 70%

Armor Enchant Rate (With Normal Scrolls): 66%

Weapon Enchant Rate (With Blessed Scrolls): 85%

Armor Enchant Rate (With Blessed Scrolls): 75%

Safe Enchant (Weapon): +3

Max Enchant (Weapon): +25

Safe Enchant (Armor): +3

Max Enchant (Armor): +15


Custom Farm Zones:


Dragon Valley Cave

Blazing Swamp

Imperial Tomb


Custom Items:


Weapons: Nothing ATM (Maybe later)

Armors: Nothing (We will not add any custom armor, because of /failness)

Special Tattoos: Tattoo of Wizard (Basic and Greater), Tattoo of Warrior (Basic and Greater), Tattoo of Tanker (Basic and Greater)

Simple Tattoos: (We use only 5 simple Tattoos!) Tattoo of Health (Increases HP), Tattoo of Might (Increases P.Attack), Tattoo of Haste (Increases Attack Speed), Tattoo of Empower (Increases M.Attack), Tattoo of Acumen (Increases Casting Speed)

Items: Blue Mold, Yellow Mold, Red Mold, Water Mantra, Wind Mantra, Fire Mantra, Gold Bar




NG till A Grade Weapon Shop

S Grade Weapon Shop

NG till B Grade Armor Shop

A and S Grade Armor Shop

Tattoo Shop

Misc Shop

Gold Bank Trader

Gatekeeper Ziggurat

NPC Buffer

Wedding Master


Custom Skills:

We have modified some skills, such as Snipe (We made it TOGGLE) etc. Also we have modified  some other skills, such as War cry, Rapid Shot, Duelist Spirit (We made them to hold for 1 hour!) etc.


Custom Weapon Skills:


We have modified some weapon's skills! Shining Bow Might, Imperial Staff Empower (Boosted M.Attack), Arcana Mace Health , Angel Slayer Crt. Power (Boosted Crt.Damage) etc.


The Conclusion:


You should try Lineage 2 Caution. Its a server that will make you stay for much time. Server is going to have 20-40 people from the first day, so you will not get bored ;).


Release Date:


!!! MAYBE !!! At 10-22-2009 (If not, we will open at 11-1-2009!)



Website is under construction

Forum is under construction

(They will open as soon as possible)


Best regards.

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