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[Q-Guide] Asmodian Campaign Guide 1-10 Lv

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Another handmade guide by me this one is about Asmodian's campaign quests 1-10 Lv.Bla Bla isn't my style so let's begin.









1 Lv Campaign quest - Order of the Captain



1)Meet Ulgorn who is your commander , he will give you the orders to complete.



Reward: 10 EXP



3Lv Campaign quest - Thinking Ahead



1)Find Boromer to begin

2)Now you have to obtain 4 Grain Sacks from the Sprigg Village

3)Then you collect them speak to Boromer

4)Now we have to kill 6 Sprigg Gatherers at the Sprigg Village

5)Again go back to Boromer to recieve your award



Reward: 2250 EXP


You may choose one of the items below:



Boromer's Shoes

Boromer's Leather Shoes

Boromer's Chain Boots




5Lv Campaign quest - Where's Rae?



1)Talk to Nobekk and begin the search for his daughter , Rae

2)Now ask Dabi that his knows about Rae

3)You will find an old wizard with the name Verandi , she knows about Rae but first we must accept her terms and collect 7 White Foot Daru , then you collect them give then to Verandi and accept her next request.

4)Now you have to search for an Sticky Mushroom (it grows next to the trees)  to get the Spore Sac from it.Then you touch it you will be transformed into a ribbit for some seconds , now get the spore sac to the wizard ( Verandi )

5)She will get impressed cause normally we would have been ribbits for ever but we have the potential of Daeva so... anyway Rae became a ribbit cause she touched the sac , now you have to choose Rae-Ribbit from the garden of the wizard. Rae is the blue ribbit with the name Cute Ribbit , choose her and then she will come back to normal again.

6)Go back to Ulgorn and report him that his daughter is back



Reward: 4450 EXP


You may choose one of the items below:


Ulgorn's Dagger

Ulgorn's Sword

Ulgorn's Mace

Ulgorn's Spellbook




6Lv Campaign quest - Treasure of the Deceased


1)Talk to Derot

2)Now kill 4 Vengeful Ghosts and get the quest item (Treasure of the Deceased)

3)Give back the loot to Derot



Reward: 3250 EXP and 500 Kinah


Ghost Brooch

3 Minor Life Potion




7Lv Campaign quest - A Charmed Cube



1)Go at any tombstone and destroy it , a mob will appear you must kill it and then you will get the Charmed Cube



Rewards: 5160 EXP

          Spirit Ring




8Lv Campaign quest - Teaching a Lesson


1)Talk to Mijou

2)Now we have to collect 5 Odella from the Fallen Gray Mane Stalkers

3)Then you collecte the necessary items go back to Mijou to get your reward



Reward: 4150 EXP



You may choose one of the items below:


Anturoon Leggings

Anturoon Leather Leggings

Anturoon Chain Greaves




8Lv Campaign quest - Hit Them Where it Hurts



1)Again , talk to Mijou

2)Now we must collect 7 Mau Grain Sacks which are next to their camps , it isn't so hard to locate that's why i am not giving a screenshot

3)Now give the sacks to Mijou

4)Report it to Ulgorn and recieve your reward



Reward: 5200 EXP


You may choose one of the items below:


Anturoon Shoes

Anturoon Leather Shoes

Anturoon Chain Boots



9Lv Campaign quest - Where's Rae This Time?



1)Well Rae got lost again (we must kill this girl really <.<) and we must find her.Talk to Ulgorn to begin the quest

2)Go to Nobekk and get information

3)Now go to Derot to continue your search about Rae

4)Now we must go to Canyon and find a guy named Nalto

5)Now you will find Rae at the entrance of the cave she will tell you that you must destroy the Abyss Gate (and she acts the hero of the story <.<) anyway you have to destroy the 3 power generators who are giving power to the gate.

6)Now seal the Abyss Gate once it for all (maybe)

7)Report your success to Rae and then go to Ulgorn.



Reward: 11500 EXP



You may choose one of the items below:


Anturoon Tunic

Anturoon Jerkin

Anturoon Mail




Now some screenshots of the NPC to understand how they look like if you have a problem about searching them




Rae Ribbit - Rae Asmodian





Power Generators





Abyss Gate








Edit: Well like i have seen some people are wondering how is pvp at abyss how many people etc... just check this :p






This char isn't mine but someone's else from my legion just check the red dots on the mini map ;P

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