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interlude [Interlude L2J] L2 Lirius (1000x)


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[interlude L2J] L2 Lirius PvP Server

Visit Our Website:  http://www.l2lirius.do.am









-=Enchant Rate=-




Chance=75 Normal Scroll

Chance=80 Blessed Scroll

You can find blessed Scroll in Baium


-=Server Info=


Auto Learn Skills

Balanced Classes

Wedding System

No Clan Penalty

Castle Siege System

No Weight Penalty

No Grade Penalty

Sub Class System

Noblesse System

Hero System

Every Buff / Dance / Song / Chant Lasts 2 Hours

Cursed Weapons Zariche and Akamanah

Unstuck in 15 seconds

Anakim Gatekeeper

GM Shop

NPC Buffer, with Full Buffs, Dances, Songs and Chants

Special Shop

Custom Tattoo Status

Gold Bar System

Custom Events

Custom Adena Zone 1

Custom Adena Zone 2

Custom PvP Zone

Custom Baium Zone

PvP Color System


Vote For Us!

Topzone Start Votes Every 12 hours

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