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[Interlude L2J] Lineage2Inferno


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rates :

Xp 150x

adena 150x

drop 5x

sp 5x

safe  enchant + 5  

max enchant  + 22  for weapon

max enchant + 20 for armors and jewels

enchant  rate  for  normal scroll 66%

custom  farming spot

custom  gm shop ,gatekepper,buffer

hardware:Procesor Intel core i7 extreme edition lga1366 3.20ghz 8 mb 45 nm quad core box. mother board asus p6t6 ws revolution intelx58 lga1366.ram 8 gb ddr3 133mhz pc source thermalke tr2 900w 12cm fan hdd x2 sata2 46gb 15k rpm 32mb and x1 sata2 hdd for backup 500 gb 7200 rpm 32 mb pc uptime


rules : - Players caught perching/sniping: 1st time = jail, 2nd time = delvl to lvl 40

- Respect all Staff.

- Do not impersonate staff.

- No bug exploiting (Buff stacking, walker): 1st time = Account/IP ban

- No using modifications or third party scripts/programs.

- Do not spam chat: continously spamming = chatban

- Do not ask to become a GM: continously asking = chatban

- You are not allowed to insult any Player or Game Master racial slurs = chatban, if u keep doing it = account ban


- Account Rules:

You are allowed to have 2 account per ip adress.

Dual-boxing is permitted, but only 2 accounts per IP(specific situations please post on forums). The use of L2Walker isnt allowed, if you’re caught using it, you will be jailed or banned, depending on the situation.

Sharing accounts is allowed at your own risk.

We do not restore lost or dropped items. The only items that will be restored are donator items in the event of a rollback or a wipe.


- PvP Rules:

This is a PvP-server, we do not police non-peace zone’s. With the exception of spawnkilling or griefbuffing.

PK’ing and PvP’ing is legal in combat zone’s. You are in a combat zone, as soon as you leave the spawnpoint when you’re outside a peace-zone.

If you see a player in a flagged state in the spawn area, you are allowed to PvP.


- Spawn Killing:

Spawn killing is legal if you move, use chat, use soulshots or any other activity which proves that you have finished loading.

Everyone who teleports to a new location is protected under the 30 second spawn killing rule.

When a player appears on your screen, you cannot attack them unless they show a sign of life for 30 seconds.

Its ALLOWED to spawnkill when clans are on CLAN WARS


- Bug Exploiting Rules:

There is a 2.1 bilion adena limit. If you go over it, you will loose it all.

Buffstackers will be banned immediately.


- Grief Buffing:

Grief buffing is allowed during a PvP (on purple players) and Clan Wars.






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