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pvp BuG(with buffer)


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loipon eimai sigouros oti exei 3ana ginei post alla dn pirazei an k dn to exo dei pouthena....

pane stin elven village k an exei buffer ekei dipla stin gk tote ginetai episesis thelei na exei k heal o buffer.....

1.thes 2 clan me 15 atoma gia clan war

2. thes allon 1an filo s p na kathestai se diplana pc gia na paizei to bot

k 3ekiname... pane stin elven village....vges exo k pane akrivos apo kato apo to elven village k grapse /target k tin buffer me to bot..meta ferneis ton kanoniko ton char s k ton xoneis o allos me to bot gemizei sinexeia to hp t... k 1 hit =1 pvp ;)

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kalo ala uparxoun pola tetia bug gia na kaneis pvp efkola

dn uparxei allo bug gia pvp to mono p uparxei einai na kaneis 2plo para8iro kai na kaneis res kai kill alla tha s parei pollh wra.....kai dn einai bug..

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