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interlude [Interlude L2J] L2 Mirage


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Server Rates:


XP/SP: 50x

Adena: 50x

Drop: 10x





Enchant Rates:


Safe Enchant: +4

Max Enchant: +20


Normal scroll enchant: 33% Chance for:



Blessed scroll enchant: 33% Chance for:


TIP: (You cannot break an item the enchant will be +0 if 'broken')


L2Mirage scroll enchant: 66% Chance for:


(You cannot break an item the enchant will be +0 if 'broken')


Server Addons:


Npc Buffer

(Buffs last 1 hour | Dances/Songs 30 minutes)



(All D/C/B Armors/Weapons)


Custom Weapons / Armors


Custom Farming Zones

(Custom drop for Server custom Armors/Weapons/Quests)


Subclass with custom quest


Hero system retail like


Olympiad system retail like


Auto learning Skills


Zariche,Akamanah fully Working


Full Geodata


Phx,Exploit Protection


Auto Backups Every 1 Week






Additional Info:


Active Developers

(Everyday working to make a stable and bugless server


International Community


Friendly Admins

(If you need anything just ask)


Strict Game Masters

(No corruptions we keep a log for every gm action)

(Corrupted gm's will get immediatly kicked from the server)




The PATCH Link will be added At 08/08/09 00:00 GMT + 3:00)at Open beta phase


But Forums are up and running. Please give a look at them and post something interesting. We had a good start so far. Now its your turn to tell us your opinion about l2Mirage. Complain about something or just say hi

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hmmm your server will open after the open beta???I will test the server at 8/8/2009 because 50xs reates is me favourite rates!!!I believe you admin that you will make excellent work.I WILL TEST THE SERVER!!!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Phase III (Open Beta) In Progress. Download the patch and log in


  • At last were are live 

After a lot of sleepless nights we have done it. We are going through open beta as we speak. So grab the patch and log in and have fun. Any bugs you find please report them as soon as possible in the forums so we can fix them. So have fun and help us become one of the best servers ever



Download the patch and joinnnn it is very good server with no lag nothing to have delay :D :D :D




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