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Make a mad penguin!


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For this tutorial I'll show you how to make a Mad Penguin







Step 1. Open the images you are going to use in Photoshop.





Step 2. Select an area of one picture, and drag and drop it into the other picture.





Step 3. Lower the opacity and move it around until you find out where you want to put it.





Step 4. Create a layer mask by clicking the layer mask button on the layers pallette. It is the third button on the bottom of the layers palette (the square with the circle in it) Grab a soft edged brush and select the color black. Begin to "erase" from around the mouth



Zoom in close and use small brushes to erase around small details.



Step 5. Go to edit/transform/perspective, and fix the perspective so it fits better on the background.





Step 6. Using the clone tool, erase the birds eye and beak from the background.





Step 7. Go back to the top layer and continue to erase areas and blend until it blends into the background picture.



Now you have this!




you can get the two source images I used here-

stock.xchng - lion (photo by dsparil)

stock.xchng - Little Blue Penguin (photo by mouse)



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