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L2-Apple [Reborn]

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L2-Apple [Reborn]













Broader description of the server:


● Reit'ai: xp 700 sp 800 Aden 1000 drop 1 partyxp 2 partysp 2.

● Enchant'ai: 80% success with the blessed 85% max 35, safe, 4 at the time of the event [LMS, 1x1 ... ] Even after the 1-2 on betkurio item.

● always full of IM (IM Potain redundant)!

● Heap L2-Reload NPC (NPC nowhere more visible!).

● Full GM shop.

● Buffer'is NPC (Gives almost all BuFu).

● T1/T1 custom item'ai.

● Epic item'ai.

● item'ai Jedi!

● L2-Reload wings!

● T1/T1 custom / Epic, and others. item'ų shop'y for Gold Knigt.

● Hero keičasi every week!

● The Gold Bar System!

● Buff'ai takes 1 hour!

● Letters (basic material) spoilinimas from Möbus (taippat metadata development)!

● New, still not skill!

● Nobless without this!

● MDGs event'ai every 2h!

● FULL C1-C6 skill'ai, location.

● Many of the development of custom works perfectly.

● Custom raid'ų teleporter'is.

● 100% of all C6 mob'ai works.

● Zariche and Akmah does not work!

● Nelimituotas Buff content.

● The Hero System!

● clan skills working!

● Subclass without this (max 3 Subclass).

● Auto skill'ai (get skills automatically as soon as the required level užsikeliate).

● they are killed receive PVP karma points!


After all, nenumirsite tested. Really nenusivilsite ...






Client: C6 ● Package: ● l2oneo Version: 1.0 ● Author: Hitman


Server files





  To unzip the file and view it, you must use this password:

Password: l2failai.lt

  To unzip the file and view it, you must use this password:

Password: l2failai.lt



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