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[Guide]of Buffers

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In order to begin To make a Complete Buffer Char, a Character with these requirements is necessary to be created:


If you create a fighter, has to be Elf or Dark Elf. If you create a mage, has to be Orc or Human (because we needed to have these 4 classes: Warcryer, SwordSinger, BladeDancer and Warlock).



Orc Mystic-->Orc Shaman--to >Warcryer--to >Doomcryer

Elven Fighter-- >Elven Knight--to >Swordsinger-->Sword MUSE

Dark Fighter-->Palus Knight--to >Bladedancer-->Spectral Dancer

Human Mystic--They >Human Wizard-->Walock-->Arcana Lord


--> Has to be (preferably) in an account different from your main account (thus you can buff your other Characters).





And the first most expensive thing is to level the 4 classes perhaps (in the one of Warlock you need some help with party). The classes are better to level them all with FullBuff of Guerrero and Duals Swords (to levear more express).



-->To be able to Fully Buff a warrior class you need: Doomcryer to lvl78, Swordsinger to lvl66, Bladedancer to lvl74 and Warlock to lvl68.

-->To be able to Fully Buff a mage class, you need: Doomcryer to lvl79, Sword MUSE to lvl78 and Spectral Dancer to lvl78.




Weapon: Weapons with Fast Attack Speed, preferably not Shadow Weapons, since they dissapear in time, and use 3x Soulshots, and also they cannot have special ability, like acumen (+15% cast speed) or any others. FOr a Bladedancer or a SwordMuse any graded weapon will do.


Armor: There are two options: Dark Crystal Robe or Tallum Robe:


Dark Crystal Robe: Casting Spd. +15%, WIT +1, MEN -1


Tallum Robe Set: Casting Spd. +15%, WIT +1, INT -1


I recommend the Dark Crystal Robe.


Jewelry shop: All the Tateossian Set (since he gives additional MP). Usually, A grades will do too.




We need that the buffer has fast casting buffs, so WIT, WIT and more WIT!


I recommend for the Warlock, the Swordsinger and the Bladedancer these 3:


Dye of constitution is optional: it increases the capacity of weight, and thus to be able to take more stuff with you.







-->Much MP elixirs

-->Sprit Ores for some Chants of the Warcryer

-->Blessed Spirit Shouts (BSS) of the degree of the weapon

-->Crystals C -grade to invoke the Feline King of the Warlock

-->Crystals D Grade (optional) to invoke Storm Cubics to all the party








Chant of Fire: It increases the M.Def.

Chant of Battle: Increases P.Atk.

Chant of Shielding: It increases the P.Def. (of Fire can be combined with Chant, does not annul it).

Chant of Fury: It increases the Atk. Spd. (Speed of Attack).

Chant of Evasion: It increases the Evasion.

Chant of Rage: It increases the critical damage

Chant of Predator: It increases to the probability of the attacks critics.

Chant of Eagle: It increases the Accuracy (precision).

Chant of Vampire: drains HP from mobs the enemy (it does not drain damage caused by ranged attacks or skills, or magic)

War Chant: It increases the P.Atk remarkably. (of Battle can be combined with Chant, does not annul it). Spirit Ores consumes 12.

Chant of Victory: Best for Fighter Class PVE. It grants the power of the old heroes (P.Def. +20%, Accuracy +4%, Critical +20%, Atk. Spd. +20%, M.Atk. +3%, M.Def. +9%, Speed -24%, and Casting Spd. +20%). Spirit Ores consumes 48.




Song of Earth: It increases the P.Def.

Song of Warding: It increases the M.Def.

Song of Wind: It increases the speed.

Song of Hunter: It increases to the probability of the attacks critics

Song of Vitality: It increases the maximum of HP.




Of Warrior dances: It increases the P.Atk.

Of Fire dances: It increases the damage critical.

Of Fury dances: It increases the Atk. Spd. (Speed of Attack).

Of Vampire dances: Cuado drains HP causes damage to the enemy (it does not drain damage caused by arc or skills magicians)




Blessing of Queen” (increases the probability of critical attack) “Gift of Queen” (it increases to the P.Atk and the Accuracy).

Both last 19 minutes and they are not stackable (only you can be up at a time).



Buffs for archers are almost the same that those of melee fighters . The Chant of Vampire and Dance of Vampire does not make any effect when you attack with a bow (but it will allow the HP recovery of you are attacking with a dagger mobs, so he is optional).




Perfect party for Fighters

DoomCryer for Cov buff and Buffs - or in PVP Hierophant with Proof of Fire (mainly because it doesen t decrease running speed like COV), SwordMuse with champion/renewal, hunter,, Spectral Dancer with fire fury warrior mainly, Arcana Lord for the increase in critical rate,granted by the Blessing of Queen buff (In pvp you will need a cardinal/eva`s saint too)







To begin, our second buffer must be a Human mage, Elf, or Dark Elf, since for this buffer we will need classes such as Prophet, Elven Elder, and Shillien Elder.


Orc Mystic-->Orc Shaman--to >Warcryer--to >Doomcryer

Human Mystic--They >Human Cleric-->Prohpet-->Hierophant

Elven Mystic-->Oracle--to >Elder-->Eva´s Saint

Dark Mystic--They >Shillien Oracle--They >Shillien Elder--They >Shillien Saint


Having a DoomCryer at lvl 79 is priceless, since it gives Magnus Chant.

Only Eva`s Saint must be 78 from the rest, for the Profecy of Water buff for mages is especially good in PVP`s since it raises the critical chance, The rest don`t need to be at 78, allthough is recommended that you level all three characters to 78.




Dark Crystal Robe Set with a Weapon that has Acumen, for exemple Sword of Miracles: M.Atk. +15%, Acumen: Casting Spd. +15%






Chant of Flame: It increases the Cast Speed

Chant of Fire: It increases the M.Def.

Chant of Shielding: It increases the M.Def. (of Fire can be combined with Chant, does not annul it).

Chant of Evasion: It increases the evasion.

Chant of Earth: It increases the P.Def remarkably. Spirit Ores consumes 12.



Chant of Spirit: It increases the resistance against of-buff and against cancel

Chant of Magnus: Increases Mana Regeneration (20% - Priceless) , Casting Speed, Magic Attack Power, Crit Rate.





Song of Earth: It increases the P.Def.

Song of Warding: It increases the M.Def.

Song of Vitality: It increases the maximum of HP.

Song of Renewal: It diminishes the time of load and the cost of physical and magical MP of the Skills.

Song of Meditation: It diminishes the time of load and the cost of magical MP of the Skills.





Of Mystic dances: It increases the M.Atk.

Of Concentration dances: It increases the casteo.

Of Siren dances: It increases the probability of critical chance




Wind Walk: It increases the speed.

Bless the Body: It increases the maximum of HP.

Bless the Soul: It increases the maximum of MP.

Berserker Spirit: It reduces the P.Def, the M.Def and the Evasion; and it increases P.Atk, M.Atk, Atk. Spd, Casting Spd. and speed.

Concentration: It reduces the probability that one is cancelled skill when you receive damage.



Empower: It increases the M.Atk.

Wild Magic: It increases the probability of critic of magical attacks.




Clarity: The cost of MP of skills falls. It consumes 1 Spirit Ore.

Propecy of Water: The spirits of the old wizards flow in you (Crit Rate Increased!, M.Atk. +18%, M.Def. +17%, Speed -25%, Casting Spd. +20%).




Perfect BUFFS: DOOMCRYER for MAgnus and Buffs, EVA`s Saint for Clarity/ Shilien Elder for Empower And Wild Magic (combined with Swordmuse lvl 78 - mediation/reuse/ and Spectral Dancer for the Syren / Conc/ Mystic dances)



I hope you like it ^^


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