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[LoL] Dwarven Psychology

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Ah...Dwarves. We've all seen them in droves in Giran (among other places), and on the surface they seem to be permanently infused with sticky fingers and dollar signs in their eyes. But what goes through their wee little dwarven minds when they're out in the L2 world? This helpful chart will tell you. Finally, the mystery of the Dwarven mental process is revealed! Enjoy!




Have Fun :)

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Is it trying to talk to you? >> Definitely kill it. ;D


Now I know about them everything.. :D



Masterpiece :)) I wonder if you did it by yourself or found on the net? :P

I don't think he made this. :)





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ROFL ;DDDD that's funny. Loot it ]: )

I wonder what would orcs think :D sth like:

[You found sth!]->[smash it]->[still alive?]-->[smash it more]-->[Dead?]-->[Eat it] :D


i think it would be something like this [You found sth!]->[alive?]-->[Eat it]

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